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Beauty Formulas

Brand: Beauty Formulas Model: Beauty Formulas
Deep exfoliating formulaHelps to removal of blackheads and unblocks poresAn effective facial scrub formulated with Activated Charcoal. The micro ground Apricot seeds work to exfoliate the skin, whilst the magnet-like power of Charcoal absorbs impurities.Designed to deeply cleanse, leaving your feeli..
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Brand: Beauty Formulas Model: Beauty Formulas
Clay mask with activated charcoalFormulated with a combination of natural kaolin clay and activated charcoalAbsorbs excess oil and deeply cleanses skinDraws out deep-rooted dirtLeaving you feeling deeply cleansed and radiant skin..
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Brand: Beauty Formulas Model: Beauty Formulas
Foaming Facial Cleanser with oil of tea tree & salicylic acid.The Formulas Beauty uses in this series tea tree oil coming from Australia. This oil is a natural antibacterial agent that is believed to provide numerous beneficial effects and antiseptic properties.A foaming, deep cleansing facial c..
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